"Impressively clean design for everybody."

Both the user and the operator should get along with my products.


Your path leads to your goal.
The visitor should intuitively recognize a concept behind the entire page and find what he is looking for at all times. At the same time, the operator should be able to adjust and change the content of his website at any time. Since July 2017 I have been using a relatively new CMS (Content Management System) called GRAV. The system offers an enormous adaptability and allows the operator of the website to make small changes quickly and easily without external help. If there should be larger changes, these are usually less time-consuming for the web designer to realize than with other CMS systems.


I've seen it before!
A logo is the distinguishing feature of a company. It must be simple, recognizable and unique. Every industry has its own distinctive feature, which should ideally be integrated into the logo. As tastes differ, I work on at least two different proposals to meet your needs.


It's just working.
Networks and storage must be reliable, redundant and secure. For this it is advantageous to choose Linux as the operating system, which is the most frequently used server OS not without reason (as of August 2017). Equipped with virtualization software (docker), server- and/or client-side encryption (open source solutions such as Cryptomator) and redundant storage (various forms of RAID), a reliable and secure working environment is created.


In the background of my work I use numerous scripts, websites and open source projects, some of which I would like to mention here.
CMS: GRAV. Libraries: Bootstrap, Pure CSS, Fontawesome. Scripts: AOS.js, lightslider.js, lazysizes.js lightbox.js, jQuery, Hyphenopoly.js, impress.js, deck.js, reveal.js. Stock sources: Unsplash, Pixabay, Freeimages. Mockup generators: dimmy.club, magicmockups.com, mockuphone.com, mockuper.net. Image Optimizer: optimizilla.com. Other sites: Codrops, Start Bootstrap, Codyhouse, hakim.se. Operating systems: Manjaro Linux, Unraid OS. Open source: x2go, Matrix, XMPP, OpenVPN, DNSCrypt, acme.sh.

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